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Functional Materials Related

Yushi-Seihin develops merchandise and material to the consumer with various ideas.
We plan, exploit, and supply the specialty products collaborating with manufacturers

Packing materials related products

We design buffer solution and supply materials for avoiding the damage in physical distribution, to circulate products smoothly. We also sell palettes and shrink film for logistics.

  • Buffer design and materials
  • Stretch film for palettes
  • Skin Pack Films
  • Curvelt Pack

Molding and Forming Processing and Related Products

Since we have transactions with various casting companies, we could choose an appropriate manufacture to meet customer’s wishes and supply the processed products..

  • Raw materials for casting
  • Cast processing


Anti-reflection film reduces reflection and make exhibition clear by sticking Realook on the glass of art museums. Realook cuts ultraviolet ray, prevents static charge and prevents scattering.

  • Anti reflection film
  • Sticking low reflection film
  • Acrylic board with low reflection film

Fiber Related Products

We process various kinds of textile goods and unwoven fabrics, to meet your wishes.

  • Water absorbing towels
  • Body care towels
  • Porches and nets
  • Pads for cleaning machine
  • Eye masks
  • Tablecloths