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For many museums, it is general trend to use glasses or acrylic boards as a dust shield to picture frame to protect paintings and pictures. General glasses and acrylic board, however, cause reflection problems to view works properly. It is proper way to protect works from dust because acrylic board generates static electricity to catch it.

There is a special glass reduced reflection by special treatment onto glass surface. Some museums are interested in adopting this glass. But, this glass is very heavy and it may cause damage to frames or walls in case of large size works. It is just time consuming to pack and transport for glass protection.

"Anti-reflection" "light weight" "UV protection" "Antistatic"-These functional materials were expected for a long time. Anti-reflection acrylic is developed to satisfy needs in the market. Films based for acrylic board are available for many applications.

Function and Feature

・Lower reflection than acrylic board because of lower reflectance
・Less weight (Specific gravity: glass=2.3, Acrylic=1.2)
・UV ray protective for the protection of works
・Static-free for keeping dust away


・Dust shiel for picture frame
・Display case
・Shop window
・Protection for large screen display