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Medicines and foods related products

In medicine and food group, raw material offer, OEM supplies are carried out to medical-supplies development and health food development focusing on the products group of NOF corp.DDS (Drug Delivery System) has been becoming the focus of public attention as a system, which is essential to maximize therapeutic index of pharmaceuticals. The DDS would be an advanced and effective system in which drugs are modified to be stabilized in the body and delivered properly in time and amount at targeted organs with suppressing side effects. NOF Corp. has been developing original drug modifiers or excipients and formulation technologies, in the field of DDS, based upon its superior technologies for synthesis, purification, and quality control in production.

PEG modifier ( polyethylene-glycol modifier)

Protein drugs are now being steadily accepted as medicines. However, they have some problems with stability and antigenecity in the body. To solve these problems, modification with PEG derivatives is now in progress, and the highest grade PEG derivatives in quality is required for the modification. NOF Corp. already produces the PEG derivative SUNBRIGHT series with excellent quality for the modification. The success in production greatly depends on proprietary technology for the synthesis and purification.

Phospholipid and liposome technology

NOF Corp. has been supplying customers with high-purity phospholipids in accordance with cGMP since early nineties, and has gained a high reputation. The company is today conducting development for liposome preparation using new phospholipids. For example, the company is now marketing PEG phospholipids, which provide increased stability in the blood and allow targetability. NOF Corp. has also developed the COATSOME EL series (so called empty liposome preparations) for R&D use that form an active liposome preparation by only adding a pharmaceutical with water into the powder, and liposome preparations for gene delivery.

High-purity surfactant prepared with high-purity fatty ac

High-purity unsaturated fatty acid obtained through the superior refining process and the derivatives called the NOFABLE series are now available from NOF Corp. Among the products, non-ionic surfactants using oleic acid with high purity of over 99% contain few impurities and have high stability. The efficacy of pharmaceuticals is thus preserved during blending as an emulsifier or a solubilizer.

Cholesterol pullulan and nano technology

New nano-particles using cholesterol pullulan derivatives are now under development. By coating or combining the antigen or special protein with the nano-particles of cholesterol pullulan, the particles can be used to activate the immune response system.

Health Supplement

NOF or developing the new forms of powdered DHA, (N-NEOPOWDER DHA20) and liquid-type DHA (NEOLIQUID DHA30). N-NEOPOWDER DHA20 controls the degradation of the lipid or f Corp. has the refining, blending, emulsification and powdering technologies required flavor through powdering, allowing easy use in cookies and biscuits. In addition, it is easily dissolved in warm water and can also be added to milk and other beverages. NEOLIQUID DHA30 is the emulsified form of lipid containing 30% DHA, and dissolves in water easily and can be used in such products as cold beverages and milk. Other food supplement is available such as EPA, perilla oil, ceramide, and phosphatidyl serine.

Multiple Emulsification

Multi-emulsified oil and fats, developed by NOF Corp. based upon its rich experience in emulsion technology, have a multi-emulsified structure that allows the maintenance of food flavors for a long time. The multi-emulsified structure encapsulates the flavor component, so it is not affected by heat upon cooking, thereby maintaining the original flavor. In addition to allowing the original flavor of confectioneries and breads to endure as much as possible, the aftertaste and the accentuation of the original taste are even more enjoyable. These oil and fats are gaining favorable reputation with wide-ranging applications for final products with the "just-prepared" flavor maintained.


The original micro-encapsulation technology developed by NOF Corp. allows for improved stability, the masking of taste, prevention of moisture-seepage and agglutination among other things and enables use in areas such as food, medicine and animal feed. For example,