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Functional soap

We learn by studying the old custom

1.Rice bran wash for beautiful skin

People used rice bran in a meshed bag instead of soap in old days. Rice bran contains r-oryzanol, ferulic acid, inositol, phytin, and phytic acid, all of which make skin health beautiful

2.Spreading used-tea-leaves for floor cleaning

When sweeping with a broom, people used to spread used-tea-leaves on the floor. The used-tea-leaves not only prevent raising dust but also perform anti-microbial activity and deodorant activity owing to the catechin contained in the tealeaves.

3.Geishafs beautiful skin

Geisha (traditional entertainers) have traditionally worn silk for their inner wears. Their skin is polished by fibroin in the silk; and is sustained in a beautiful condition by the sericin in silk.

Face Soap with catechin

Face Soap with catechin


Green tea


・Rice bran extracts(r-oryzanol, ferulic acid, inositol, phytin, and phytic acid)
・Green Tea( Catechin, green tea powder)
・Silk components (sericin)
・Soy bean Compound (Soy bean lecithin)
・Lactic acid derivatives ( lactic acid, Sodium lactate, myristyl-lactate etc)