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The origin of the company was YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD which was a Government controlled company during WWII. After the WWII, Osaka Yushi Seihin Corp., was established by ex-employees of Government controlled YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD. Osaka Yushi Seihin Corp. was mainly selling products of the NOF CORP. and developed along with the growth of NOF CORP. We started business as a trading company dealing in oil and fat products including industrial oils, fats, raw materials for soap, foods and fibers. We currently cover various fields including chemical products of oils and fats, petrochemical products, polymerization catalysts for synthetic resins, modifiers and additives, plastic products such as packaging materials and films, fiber products, specialty lubricants for electronics, raw materials for pet foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and health foods. We have been working on business in Overseas; we have offices in Singapore, Toronto, and San Bruno, CA. We also have local cooperate offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We engaged in business not only in Japan but also abroad, we are positively making business development for the future growth.

We also established YS Tech co., Ltd in Suita-Shi, Osaka to produce and sale for Clean room supply and developed heat resistant/chemical resistant Barcode label for the factory automation (FA) business. We propose various methods including technique.

April, 1947 Establishment of Osaka YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD. at 4-35, Koraibashi, Higashi-ku, Osaka
March, 1962 Opened a Tokyo sub-branch office
May, 1962 Merged YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD. and re-named from Osaka YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD. to YUSHI-SEIHIN CO., LTD.
April, 1966 Move up Tokyo sub-branch office to Tokyo branch
October, 1966 Moved the Head Office to 2-20, Koraibashi, Higashi-ku, Osaka
April, 1985 Moved the Head Office to 1-8-13, Hirano-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
November, 1996 Moved Tokyo branch to the present location.
April, 1999 Moved the Head Office to 1-5-18, Doshomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
July, 2000 Establishment of a Sales office in Seattle, Washington, the U.S.
March, 2001 Prepared environmental policy
October, 2001 Establishment of Singapore Branch
May, 2004 Establishment of local corporation in Hong Kong
August, 2004 Moved the Seattle office to Phoenix, Arizona/Launched a Toronto office
April, 2005 YS Tech, Inc. was established in Suita, Osaka
April, 2006 Head Office did the attestation acquisition of the ISO 14001
April, 2007 Tokyo Branch acquired ISO 14001 certification
November, 2007 Phoenix sales office (USA) moved Buffalo, NY.
March, 2009 YS America opens branch in San Bruno, CA
April, 2009 Conduct business partnership with Kasano Kosan Corp. for producing and selling N-MAM-P (N-Methylol Acrylamide Powder).
April, 2010 Suita Research Lab transferred of control to YS Tech.
August, 2010 Moved the Head Office to 2-1-1, Fushimimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
October, 2011 Buffalo sales office and San Bruno branch were unified, San Bruno branch moved to current address and its name has been changed to California branch.
November, 2011 Establishment of local corporation in Shanghai.
April, 2013 FA Division and Toronto office was transferred to YS Tech.
July, 2016 The Capital was increased to 50 million yen
April, 2017 Celebrated 70th Anniversary
May, 2017 California branch moved to present place.
August, 2018 Headquarter moved to present place.